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Karan Kumar
Founder and Managing Director

Karan Kumar is a 30 year veteran serial entrepreneur who is Founder & CEO of San Global Group and Founder of Amalthea Capital.  

Karan was one of the founding shareholders of Copal Amba Limited which was incorporated in 2002 as an independent provider of Financial Research & Analytics services. 

In addition to Copal, Karan also founded an International Trading Company in 2003 (Sanjaanika International LLC) in Dubai to monetize his international network of contacts in Commodities, Real Estate, Frozen and Agro Commodities, etc. In addition to commissions and indenting, the company also deals in the purchase and sales of the afore-mentioned products. The cumulative turnover since inception of the company is more than US$ 110 Million till date.

Karan via Amalthea Capital is an active Investor in the Tech space in Asia with a keen focus on the new age digital economy including AI, Robotics, Blockchain, Digital gateways, Fintech, etc. He is an Investor in leading Singapore and Indian Angel and early stage VC funds with the investment geographical footprint spanning the United States, India, China and the Far East. 

Berthony Polynice
Head of Projects

Berthony Polynice is a 40 year veteran of the United States Army who has since his roles in the military, worked with large corporations such as Alcatel and Vectrus where he spent the last 17 years. 

With a specialization in core project implementation, Berthony has a wealth of experience that includes managing large projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and the UAE. 

Berthony runs point on the logistics vertical and is based in the UAE after having recently moved back from Afghanistan. 

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